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Can Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Be Colder


One of the questions we get here at Keepin’ Cool is whether or not one’s vehicle air conditioner can be colder. It’s a common question here in Brisbane, as it is around the rest of Australia. The good news is that your air conditioner absolutely can be colder, it’s just a matter of determining what is preventing it from putting out colder air.


There are numerous reasons why a car air conditioner may no longer be putting out colder air, including some of these more common ones:



Your vehicle air conditioner should have cold running air, regardless of how old it is. If it doesn’t, we can help change that so you are back to having colder air, especially with the temperature heating up. At Keepin’ Cool we specialize in vehicle air conditioners and have helped many people with repairs, maintenance, and in getting their cars to be colder!

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