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Auto Air Conditioning Parts And Sales

Our trade contacts reach far and wide, up and down Australia and abroad. This gives us the best choice of auto air conditioning parts in terms of quality and pricing when servicing or repairing our customer vehicles.

In a lot of cases we have saved our customers more than 50% of the dealer quoted price for identical original parts. Considerable cost savings can also be made if using pattern parts which are often the same or higher quality than the original part.

We are now offering a parts only sales service. If you are looking to buy an auto air conditioning part and want us to beat your current quote then  send us an e-mail inquiry to to find out how much we can save you.

Please Note:
Keepin' Cool Auto Air Conditioning Specialist will apply a 25% handling charge to any part returned which has been supplied correctly against your order.

No refunds will be given for parts showing signs of fitting. We are not providing a try and buy service.

Parts warranty will only apply where it can be shown correct procedures have been followed when replacing parts. For example a compressor replacement must always go hand in hand with a filter drier/accumulator replacement and evidence of clean oil from old unit or complete system flush procedure where there is any amount of compressor debris in the system oil. Also replacement /inspection of orifice tube or expansion valve must take place to show no blockage in system. Putting a new compressor onto a 'dirty' system will only result in a failed compressor and no amount of warranty will cover you for that.

All parts must be fitted by an auto air conditioning technician or auto air-con trained mechanic and must be certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council. Also who should provide a receipt/invoice showing all steps taken to repair/service your vehicle air-con system.

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