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Car Air Conditioning Inspection


Car Air Conditioning Inspection

R134a and 1234YF Air Conditioning Systems 

Keepin Cool offer the most comprehensive Inspection available of your vehicles A/C system. Any problems, leaks or items of concern will be reported to the vehicle owner.  The options for repair or replacement will be discussed as necessary.

If your system is keeping you cool, use it regularly throughout the cooler and hotter months. Get an annual inspection from Keepin' Cool to make sure it is running at peak performance and is fully charged. Alternatively if your car air conditioning system stops working, don't put it off get it repaired because it may cost you more later.

This car air conditioning inspection service offers extremely good value for money and tells you exactly what you need to know about your car air conditioner system. Whether it actually needs an air-con re-gas (not all vehicles air-con requires to be Re-Gas) or whether you have a problem that needs further attention before carrying out the actual vehicles air-con Re-Gas.

This procedure will establish the condition of your vehicle air conditioner system and includes: 

refrigerant leak detection

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