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How often should the A/C system be inspected / serviced?


The air conditioner is one of those things on your vehicle that you don’t realize how much you appreciate until it is too late. Once the air conditioner isn’t working, it is only minutes before you are realizing just how much you appreciate being able to have cool air at the flip of a switch. One of the keys to having an air conditioner that works properly is making sure that it is serviced when needed.


How often you should have your vehicle’s air conditioner inspected depends on how often you are using your vehicle and what you are experiencing. It is a good idea to have it inspected at least once per year, prior to warmer weather arriving. This will ensure that it will work when that first steamy day arrives and you reach to turn it on.


Additionally, here are some times that you should have your A/C system inspected and/or serviced:



Whether it needs a re-charge of Freon or a part replacement, keeping your air conditioner working in top condition is important. And if you are not so sure about that, just wait until the next time it’s hot out and it’s not working. Keeping cool on a hot day is easy when you keep your A/C maintained.


At Keepin Cool, our fully qualified air conditioning technicians can give you a detailed report on the condition of your system and help you out with any necessary repairs and maintenance. We want to get your air-con working to its optimal performance, so make an appointment to see us today!

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