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How to Cool Your Car Off Faster


When people want their vehicle cooled off, they often want it to happen immediately. The problem is, whether you are in Brisbane or elsewhere on a warm summer day, you are going to have to be a little bit more patient than that. Vehicle air conditioners can’t cool a car off the second they are turned on, but there is a way to help cool your car off faster.


If get you into your car this summer and want to cool it off faster, follow this technique:



One thing that people have to keep in mind when they are trying to cool their vehicle off is that there are many factors that are going to come into play here. The size of your vehicle is one of them. If you have a larger vehicle it will take more time to cool it down. The temperature outside will also help to determine just how quickly you can get the inside of the car to cool down. If your vehicle was sitting in the direct sunlight, for example, it will probably take longer to cool down than if it had been in a shaded area. Finally, how well your air conditioning unit is working is going to make a difference.


If you find on a warm day that you are doing this and your vehicle is not cooling down as it should, or is taking a longer amount of time than you think it should, get the unit checked. You may have a leak or other problem that is preventing the system from functioning properly. Give us a call at Keepin’ Cool. Our mobile air conditioning repair service will come to you to assess the situation and get you cool in no time!

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