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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle May Not Be Cooling Off Quickly - 26 April 2016
With the temperatures so warm around Brisbane, there are many people who are jumping in their vehicles and immediately hitting the air conditioning switch. While you may want that air conditioning to quickly cool the car off, there are times when it doesn’t. Sometimes those reasons can be cause for concern, while other times they are not. It’s all about knowing the difference between the two.   There are many reasons why a vehicle’s air conditioning may sound like it’s working, yet the air is not cooling off... Read More
Need Air Conditioner Service in Brisbane? No problem! - 22 February 2016
If you are in the Brisbane area and need air conditioning service for your vehicle, you are in luck. Not only will you get your car serviced quickly and to your satisfaction, but you won’t even have to leave your home or office to have the work done. It just doesn’t get any better than that!   This is the time of the year when people are cranking up their car’s air conditioner only to find out that there’s a problem. Perhaps it’s not cooling off the vehicle as it should, or it’s just not working at... Read More
5 Tips for Summer Car Air Conditioner Use - 13 November 2015
One look at the forecast for Brisbane and it’s clear to see that things are heating up, and it’s time for us to start using our vehicle air conditioners. A vehicle air conditioner is a great feature that will help provide a comfortable ride, but it’s also something that most people don’t give much thought to until there is a problem with it. In other words, we tend to take our car’s air conditioner for granted.   There are things we can do to increase the life span of our vehicle air conditioner. Here are 5 tips for summer car air... Read More
Beat the Heat: Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced Before the Summer Rush - 27 October 2015
As the temperatures are heating up around Brisbane, many people are beginning to make use of their vehicle air conditioner. What some will find out when they hit the switch to bring on the cool air is that there is a problem, and the air conditioner won’t perform as it should. In the car air conditioner repair service world, we tend to see this type of thing happen every year, because we get a rush of repair calls all at once.   The good news is that you don’t have to wait until it’s really hot. Once you do that, you may find that you are part of the... Read More
How to Cool Your Car Off Faster - 19 October 2015
When people want their vehicle cooled off, they often want it to happen immediately. The problem is, whether you are in Brisbane or elsewhere on a warm summer day, you are going to have to be a little bit more patient than that. Vehicle air conditioners can’t cool a car off the second they are turned on, but there is a way to help cool your car off faster.   If get you into your car this summer and want to cool it off faster, follow this technique:   Put the windows on your vehicle down, as you turn the air conditioner on high and... Read More
Buying a Used Vehicle? Don’t Forget to Check the Air Conditioning! - 21 September 2015
It’s common for people to purchase used vehicles in the Brisbane area. After all, you can save a lot of money if you purchase your vehicle pre-owned. But one thing you want to do when purchasing a used vehicle is to inspect the major components to ensure they are in good working order. Many people tend to overlook checking out the air conditioning unit, only to be surprised when they go to turn it on later after the purchase has been made. If you are purchasing a used vehicle, you certainly want to know if the air conditioner is in good working order. With the warmer... Read More
Spring Reminders for Every Driver - 28 August 2015
With spring just around the corner, there are many people in the Brisbane area who are ready to start getting outdoors and taking in the nice weather. It also signals that we are moving close to the time of the year when everyone will be cranking up their vehicle’s air conditioner. This is the perfect time to offer a few friendly spring reminders to drivers around Brisbane and beyond!   Here are a few things to keep in mind as spring approaches and we begin to then move into a warmer time of the year:   Now is the perfect time to get... Read More
How Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Works - 07 August 2015
We are in the business of helping people all around the Brisbane area with their vehicle air conditioners. As such, it is common to come across people who wonder about the mystery behind how their air conditioner actually works. Wondering how the vehicle air conditioner works is a legitimate curiosity, and worth knowing more about!   Most people simply jump into their car and turn the air conditioner on, not giving it much thought as to how that cold air comes out of the vents and cools the vehicle down. But there are plenty of us who need a little more... Read More
Tips for Checking a Used Car’s Air Conditioner During Winter - 20 July 2015
If you are in the market for buying a used vehicle here in Brisbane you will want to check everything out to see what type of condition it is in. One thing you may not think of, because it is winter, is the vehicle’s air conditioner. The last thing you want is to overlook this, purchase the used vehicle, and find out when summer arrives that it doesn’t work at all. There’s something you can do to check it out!   When you are looking at the used vehicle you are interested in purchasing, you should check out the air conditioner, even if it is really... Read More
3 Signs Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Needs Repair - 05 July 2015
Even with the colder temperatures in Brisbane it is a good idea to give some thought to your vehicle’s air conditioner. Throughout the winter months it is important to still run the air conditioner for about 10 minutes each week, so that you help keep the system running better. It will make a big difference when the weather warms up and you want to rely on it keeping you cool as you get around town.   There are three signs that you may want to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle’s air conditioner. If your vehicle starts showing any of these three... Read More