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3 Signs Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Needs Repair


Even with the colder temperatures in Brisbane it is a good idea to give some thought to your vehicle’s air conditioner. Throughout the winter months it is important to still run the air conditioner for about 10 minutes each week, so that you help keep the system running better. It will make a big difference when the weather warms up and you want to rely on it keeping you cool as you get around town.


There are three signs that you may want to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle’s air conditioner. If your vehicle starts showing any of these three signs then there is a good chance you need to have it professionally inspected and repaired:


  1. Not cooling like it should. Your vehicle’s air conditioner should obviously cool things off. If you have a larger vehicle it may take a few minutes, but you should still feel some cold air coming out of the vents. If is no longer blowing cold air or it doesn’t seem as cool as it once was, you probably need to have it inspected to see if a repair is needed.
  2. There’s a strange smell. Some vehicles have an odor that comes from their air conditioner. It may smell like mildew, rotten eggs, or something else, but it’s usually an unpleasant odor. If you have something like a mildew smell coming from your car air conditioner, you could have a mold or fungus that is growing around or in your unit. This common problem can be taken care of with a professional repair.
  3. It’s noisy. If your air conditioner is noisy there could be several problems that are causing it, ranging from the hoses to the compressor. The only way to know what it is and remedy it is to have it looked at by a professional.


If your air conditioner is not cold, smells strange, or is making noises that it shouldn’t you can get that taken care of. If you have these problems, or any others, with your vehicle’s air conditioner we can help. At Keepin’ Cool we provide expert repair services to the entire Brisbane area. We offer mobile services, too, so we come to you to do the repair. We save you both time and money, and make it convenient. Call us today to inquire about any signs that something is wrong with your car air conditioner!

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