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4 Things that May Be Challenging Your Vehicle Air Conditioner


No matter what time of the year it is here in Brisbane it is a good time to think about your vehicle’s air conditioner. You may be under the impression that you only need to think about it during the summer months, but trust us when we say that giving it some consideration in the winter time is equally as important. By keeping tabs on your car air conditioner during winter, you will end up being able to enjoy it more when the weather heats up!


Many people find that there are things that challenge their air conditioner. The more you know about what challenges may come your way, the better you will be to address them and keep it working great. Here are 4 things that may be challenging your vehicle air conditioner:


  1. High temperatures. When it gets really warm outside, it puts a burden on your car’s air conditioner, making it more difficult to work well. While there isn’t a lot you can do about this, it is important to realize that if you get into the vehicle and it doesn’t seem as though it is cooling as quickly as it should this may just be being caused from high temperatures. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with the air conditioner.
  2. Not using it enough. Believe it or not, if you are not using your vehicle’s air conditioner often enough, if can be a real challenge. It can create problems that will lead to needing repairs. It is important that even during the winter months you put your air conditioner on for at least 10 minutes per week, just to keep everything working properly.
  3. Excessive moisture. If there is excessive moisture in the air conditioning unit it will end up leading to a mold problem. You can avoid this by turning it on each week, all year long, so that it has a chance to remove the excessive moisture.
  4. Not being maintained. Most people in Brisbane and beyond tend to only take their air conditioner in when there’s a problem. But you can save some money and help keep your air conditioner working great by having it maintained each year. Ideally, you should have your car’s air conditioner maintained once per year.


Everyone wants their car’s air conditioner to work great. But they usually only think of this when it’s hot outside. The truth is, you need to consider it all year long if you really want it to work well on those hot days. Take care of it during the winter months, and it in turn will take care of you during the summer months!

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