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Beat the Heat: Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced Before the Summer Rush


As the temperatures are heating up around Brisbane, many people are beginning to make use of their vehicle air conditioner. What some will find out when they hit the switch to bring on the cool air is that there is a problem, and the air conditioner won’t perform as it should. In the car air conditioner repair service world, we tend to see this type of thing happen every year, because we get a rush of repair calls all at once.


The good news is that you don’t have to wait until it’s really hot. Once you do that, you may find that you are part of the rush of people who are trying to get their air conditioner repaired, and you may end up waiting longer as a result. Air conditioners typically sit unused throughout the winter, so most people don’t find out until the hotter days in the summer that they need repairs.


You can avoid the summer rush and ensure that your air conditioner is working in tip-top shape, so that when you want to bring on the cool and comfort it will work for you as it should. Have your vehicle air conditioner serviced now, rather than waiting for heat to arrive, so that you can beat the crowd. When you have your air conditioner serviced now we can:



If your air conditioner is not working to the best of its ability right now, then it is not going to work at all when things soon heat up. Beat the heat for your yearly maintenance inspection and make sure that your car air conditioner will be ready. At Keepin’ Cool, we provide mobile air conditioner service for your vehicle, making it that much more convenient to have it serviced. Call us today so we can inspect your air conditioner and make sure that it’s ready to go when you are!

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