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Car Air Conditioner R12 To R134


Car air conditioner retrofit with HFC-R134a From $350.00

Keepin' Cool has invested in equipment to allow a specially developed R12 replacement gas to be used known as HFC-R134a and have already carried out many conversions to a range of vehicles, including:
R12 to non-CFC Conversion HFC R134a gas:
This service takes around 90 minutes and includes:
Any waste refrigerant removed from the vehicle must be disposed of in accordance with Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act cost, currently $20/kg.

Please contact us for a personal quotation for your (pre-1992 approx) vehicle R12 to R134a conversion.

What you should know about Retro-fitting

There are two types of retrofits available:
  1. High-performance retrofit with HFC-134a: The vehicle manufacturer recommends specific procedures and parts to be used, including HFC-134a as the refrigerant.
  2. Economy retrofit with blends: This system uses a blend of refrigerants that contains a mixture of several chemicals. Vehicle manufacturers do not approve of or recommend retrofits using refrigerants other than HFC-134a.

    Keepin' Cool does not recommend the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants or refrigerant blends of any kind in automotive air conditioning systems that are not designed specifically for their use. Read the Queensland Government safety alert
    Keepin' Cool recommends the high-performance retrofit. It might be more expensive than the economy retrofits but could save you money in the long run.

Retrofits entail:


All retrofitted systems must include refrigerant labels that specify which refrigerant is used. This helps prevent contamination of air conditioning systems and refrigerant supplies.

Replacing service fittings:

All retrofitted systems must use unique fittings that match the refrigerant used.

Adding and Reclaiming refrigerant:

During the retrofit procedure, the original refrigerant (CFC-12) is reclaim in one of our specially dedicated recovery cylinders. Once full, these cylinders are then sent off to Refrigerant Reclaim Australia to be destroyed . New refrigerant is then added. Depending on the retrofit, additional parts may have to be replaced or the system components altered.

Note: Technicians handling air conditioner refrigerants must be certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARCtick).

arctick approve car aircon repairs

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